5 Ways to Reduce Stress before your Wedding Day

By George Porter

You’ve picked out the perfect dress. Found the perfect venue. And convinced your brother not to tell that embarrassing story during his toast.

That should be all your stress taken care of, right? Wrong! 

According to recent studies, a whopping 96% of couples. say that wedding planning is stressful. 

So if your big day is on the horizon and you still feel a little on edge, you’re not alone.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t find some creative ways to relax and unwind leading up to your big day. 

Here’s how to stay relaxed with your wedding on the horizon.

Avoid wedding stress with these helpful tips.  Photo: supplied

Avoid wedding stress with these helpful tips. Photo: supplied

The Secret to Stress Management

If your wedding is coming up and you want to make sure that you can regulate your stress levels to have a more enjoyable time, it's important that you are well prepared.  

After all, this is (hopefully) the only time you’ll get married so you don’t want to miss out on soaking up a thing.

Here are some stress management techniques you can use to remain calm as your wedding day nears.

#1 - Practice meditation

If you can practice meditation before your wedding day it is possible to go into your wedding day much more relaxed and armed with some helpful  tools that you can use to calm yourself. 

Learning breathing techniques and meditation can be an excellent way that you can gain some much-needed strength and energy too. So not only will you find an inner calm to guide you through your wedding, but if you partner your meditation with some toning yoga you’ll look incredible on the big day too!

#2 - Stay connected with your partner

Communication is important in a relationship, and especially so throughout your wedding day. 

There is a lot of stress and pressure on you both from last minute planning to all day socialising.

Making sure that you can schedule time for each other can help keep your mutual anxiety under wraps - remember, sharing is caring! 

#3 - Exercise regularly

Exercising before your wedding and enjoying hobbies that you love can be a great way to reduce stress and take a break from all the planning. 

Getting outside to take a hike, get the blood pumping, or experience some of your favourite hobbies, can be a great way to reduce psychological stress. 

Scientists have found that just 5 minutes of exercise a day can stimulate anti-anxiety effects, so get moving!

#4 - Start journaling

Sharing your feelings in a journal or even just recording your feelings in a way that is comfortable to you can be an excellent way to sort through some of the anxiety that you are feeling.

As you start journaling you can categorise some of the emotions and talk your way through some of the difficulties of planning. 

You might be surprised where your stress is coming from, but once you can identify it, you can work through it effectively.

#5 - Ask for help if you need it

So many couples in the process of wedding preparation simply forget to ask for help. 

Delegating important tasks to friends or family members can be an excellent way that you can prepare for your wedding day and prevent taking on too much of a burden that ends up burning you out. 

It’s all about taking small steps towards your big goal. You can read more about wedding prep in easy steps here.

Amy Cappola of Melbourne wedding transport company, Red Chevy, says that, “The wedding day can be a bundle of nerves and excitement. By delegating tasks in advance you can make sure all the little boxes are ticked, leaving you free to enjoy the day without worry”.

Say ‘I Do’ to a stress free wedding day

Your wedding day will be one of the happiest days of your life.

While it’s natural to feel a little stress leading up to your nuptials, if you feel overwhelmed with your schedule, try implementing some of these effective stress relieving techniques.

Then, all you’ll have to worry about is whether or not it rains on the day!