Styling Your Own Luxe Boho wedding

Bringing you a whimsically enchanting boho-inspired shoot with touches of luxe and lavender, Giant Invitations wanted to create something that was eccentric as it was elegant.
The team endeavoured to bring to life something that was unique and has never really been done before in the hopes of encouraging brides to be drawn to a wedding style that was true to them.
You must’ve feel that you are to abide by a specific trend or theme, but rather you want to look back on this magical day and say that it truly reflected yourself and your partner.
You can source inspiration from what you feel will look beautifully romantic for your own day, but don’t forget to take inspiration from what you deeply connect with and that which reflects, and has meaning to, your bond and relationship. Here’s Giant’s advice on styling your wedding:

How do you pick the location?

Pick a location that will well and truly speak for itself before you add your own touch to it. Giant chose a lavender field because it was stunning no matter the time of day and despite its countryside feel, it also had a French Provincial appeal to it.
How do you choose your colour? Pick a primary colour and work from there with the colours you think will balance it out and complement it best. We started with lilac as our main contender and then added a modern and stylish appeal to it by complementing it with minimal blush tones and luxurious white and gold touches of décor.

How do you plan out the décor?

You must first decide if you want a more casually chic look or a more extravagantly lavish one. Our shoot shows that you can take bohemian, or rather bold, influences and pair it with elegant décor details to produce a more formal and well-toned setting.
The outside setting married a rustic timber table with an array of lavender, blush and peach and metallic gold embellished and sequined, woven and fur rugs, ottomans and cushions to show that you can keep the setting relaxed but nonetheless classy and charming.

How do I incorporate a DIY project?

Don’t overwhelm yourself by wanting to create something that will give your partner and yourself the time to bond, but being disheartened by thinking that you have to go over the top or create something for each guest. You could even design your own centerpiece as we did with the embellished cow-skull we purchased from the thrift shop!
From the team at Giant, we hope we’ve given you some useful advice for styling your own wedding, just don’t forget that it’s your special day and it’s important to embody you and your partner’s personality into it as much as, and where, you can.

Styling // Giant Invitations
Photography // Sephory Photography
Food // Mary Eats Cake
Invitation Design // Bwedding Invitations
Headpiece and Jewellery // Love on Jewellery
Dresses // Raffaele Ciuca
Flowers // Babylon Flowers