10 reasons why cocktail weddings are the new trend

By Sharon for the Bride's Avenue

How do you choose the sort of wedding reception you want? This is not always easy to answer especially if you and your partner don’t really like the show and formality that is the formal wedding dinner. Being the centre of attention is great, but you also want to have fun at your own party.

Source: Style Me Pretty

Source: Style Me Pretty

Source: Style Me Pretty

Source: Style Me Pretty

If this is you, then the cocktail wedding might just be what you need for the perfect wedding reception. It isn’t just a more exciting and relaxed way to have a wedding reception, it is actually a new wedding trend that is catching on fast. Here’s why:

You get to skip the seating chart

Finally, the problem of knowing just how to seat those feuding aunts has been solved! With a cocktail wedding, you totally eliminate the stress and hassle of seating guests and then smoothing ruffled feathers because of the sitting arrangement.

Cut down on expenses

No, you don’t get to skimp on the food with a cocktail wedding. But that’s great because you were not really thinking about doing that, right? So how does this cut down on expenses, you ask? With this new trend in wedding receptions, there is no need for elaborate servers, printed menus or ornate centrepieces. According to Australian boutique catering firm, Standing Room Only, cocktail wedding events are a fraction of the cost of what a traditional wedding costs, but are no less sophisticated.

Explore variety in cuisine

You are not just limited to a four course or eight course meal, you can explore with a variety of foods. You can serve bite-sized delicacies and full meals. Also you are not restricted in the way you serve your food as you can have an Oyster bar at one end and food stations in different parts of the venue.

Source: The Knot

Source: The Knot

Guests can easily mingle

With a more formal reception dinner, it’s difficult to have a moment with every guest at the wedding. Possible, but not very easy. The cocktail wedding simplifies things so that both the couple and their guests can easily mingle.

A more relaxed atmosphere

Most people are so over the stiff, formal, and traditional way of doing weddings and are opting for a more relaxed approach. This is probably why the cocktail wedding is a huge hit because seriously, it’s hard to get a more relaxed atmosphere for a wedding than this. There is no formality here and everyone just has a good time.

It’s more personal

This sort of wedding reception is whatever you want it to be. You can have a signature cocktail and coordinate the theme around that. You can have as much (or as little) dancing as you want. Because it is less formal, it is also easy for the couple to make it more intimate and personal.

Source: Our Wedding HQ

Source: Our Wedding HQ

Source: Deer Pearl Flowers

Source: Deer Pearl Flowers

More options for a reception venue

If you’re going for a wedding dinner type of reception, you would probably have to choose between a hotel or a reception hall. This sort of limits your options for a reception venue. If you prefer a more outdoorsy reception, in a garden perhaps, then this works perfectly well. If you’re going for a cocktail wedding reception, you will have lots more options for a reception venue.

A bigger guest list

Because you don’t need to worry about sitting arrangements and dinner tables, you can have a bigger guest list. This is something the parents will certainly be happy about!

It’s your day, but you’re not on show

For couples that don’t like the fuss and excessive attention associated with most weddings, this type of wedding is a great choice. It still remains your day, no doubt, but you get to share the spotlight with all the wonderful people who have come to witness your special day.

It’s fun!

Best of all, the couple gets to have fun at their own wedding. They’re not just sitting up on some raised platform, watching everyone else have fun. If nothing else, this is probably the best reason to have a cocktail wedding.

OUR TIP - Just because you're not having a sit-down meal, you still need to provide seating for (ALL) your guests. BUT - be creative! Hire lounges, have picnic rugs, bar stools - options are endless for creative & fun ways to create a fun, relaxed (and very on-trend) vibe.


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