Why it’s best to use local wedding suppliers

Work with the in-crowd! We LOVE our talented local suppliers - they're creative, trendy, professional and know exactly how to pull off the perfect Central West wedding. Find out why we KNOW it's best to #supportlocal:

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By Sharon for The Bride's Avenue

Using local wedding suppliers is great for your local community, but is it as wonderful for you? Most expert wedding planners agree that using local vendors for your wedding supplies has great benefits, but what exactly are these benefits?

Saves money

For most couples, saving money is a practical concern when planning a wedding and using local suppliers is a good way to do just that. This way you save the cost of hauling supplies from long distances as everything is within reach. Also, you don’t get billed for overtime because the vendor is coming from out of town. That is definitely a huge plus for your bank account.

More control

If you like to have some control over the planning of your wedding, then sourcing locally will give you just that. You can visit the vendors in their offices or workshops if need be and be in touch with everything that’s going on. If you are using a supplier from out of town, you will not be in the loop with the process and you will only get to see the finished product, which may or may not be exactly what you ordered.

Intimate knowledge of your wedding venue

Local wedding suppliers already have an intimate knowledge of your wedding venue, which includes limits, policies, legalities and any other vital factors. This means that they aren’t taken by surprise and know just what to expect from your wedding venue.

Less supply chain costs

This also ties in with the money savings aspect. Because you are sourcing locally, the supply chain is cut short, which reduces the total costs. You get to deal directly with the vendor and not an agent who needs to source from the main office in another town.

Knowledge of other vendors

Local suppliers know each other and are often able to connect you with other vendors they have worked with in the past, who did excellent work. This is a great benefit particularly if you have some last minute details to fill out.

Environmentally friendly

When you work with local wedding suppliers, you are being environmentally friendly. It means that you do not have to worry about things being transported or stored in warehouses, which reduces the emissions and is hugely beneficial to the environment. Talk about a green wedding.

With local wedding suppliers, as with out of town suppliers, you need to know how to ask the right questions and how to vet them properly. If you’re not sure how to go about doing this, work with a wedding coordinator who already has experience working with local vendors. This will give you an edge and go a long way towards making your day a memorable one.


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