Current wedding trends you can adopt, right now!

By Sharon for The Bride’s Avenue

The most beautiful and remarkable weddings work for a reason. They are well-planned and they are personal. After all, a wedding is probably as personal as it gets. This is your day and you want to make sure it reflects who you both are, as individuals and together.

But you also want it to be trendy, which is understandable.

The current wedding trends are easy to implement and personalise, once you find the one that really works for you. Luckily, The Knot has a list of really interesting wedding trends for this year and we’ll look at a few.

Photo by #TBAsupplier  Sarah Head Creative

Photo by #TBAsupplier Sarah Head Creative

Photo by #TBAsupplier  Cakes by Amy Rutherford

Photo by #TBAsupplier Cakes by Amy Rutherford

Inspired by Greenery

Pantone announced ‘Greenery’ as the colour for the year and according to The Knot, this has inspired a more natural look to décor. Basically, more people are bringing the great outdoors indoors. Think giant flower pots, wood and stone elements in your décor.

Photo: Strictly Weddings via Pinterest

Photo: Strictly Weddings via Pinterest

Photo: HappyWedd via Pinterest

Photo: HappyWedd via Pinterest

Fancy Swings

Add a bit of whimsy to your lounge sitting by using swings. This is really great for an outdoor wedding and brings a stylish but fun angle to your wedding. Actually, it seems seating is a huge trend this year so even if you choose not to opt for the swings, being creative with your seating is definitely in.

Photo: #TBAsupplier  Simply Pure Photography and FIlm  for The Bride's Avenue

Photo: #TBAsupplier Simply Pure Photography and FIlm for The Bride's Avenue

Metallic Accents

This is a trend lots of wedding planners agree is becoming increasingly popular. And it isn’t just limited to the décor. The wedding runways showcased a lot of dresses with metallic accents. This is a pretty easy trend to incorporate because it’s so versatile, you can literally use it in almost anything from your invitation to your décor.

A Splash of Colour

Gone are the pastels and neutrals and welcome colour! This trend is perfect for you if you love bold colours. Does this mean you can’t wear traditional white for your wedding? Well, only if you insist. If you really want to integrate this trend without sacrificing your white dress, then think of props and centrepieces.

Photo:  Phil Chester

The Elaborate Getaway

Give your guests something to remember for a long time. Make your getaway so elaborate that it will be a topic of conversation at every family reunion. It does not necessarily need to be a helicopter ride, although there’s nothing stopping you from doing that if that’s what you want. But think of a ride on a bike or a horseback escape. You could also flip this and make it a dramatic entry. Think of Queen Elizabeth’s entrance with James Bond at the Olympics.

Work with your wedding planner to pick which trend to incorporate and what to ditch. Whatever you decide to go with, add a healthy dose of your personal style for a day that is beautiful and memorable.