Wedding preps with easy steps

By Alyssa Ho, Giant Wedding Invitations

Is the groom the only thing you have organised? Are you crushed under the weight of bridesmaid dress-samples and catering menus? Look no further than your Wedding planning timeline… just stick on the fridge and tick off as you go along.

Alyssa Ho, wedding planner, stylist and invitation designer at Giant Wedding Invitations helps you take a deep breath and follow the simple steps to wedding perfection. If you are able to hire a wedding planner or enlist some helpful members of your bridal party then all the better. Share the love!

Careful planning is the key to success, and be rest assured that you have plenty of time to get it done, just pace yourself and try to complete one thing each day.  First you will need to plan your budget, set the wedding date and book your venue. The caterer, photographer, florist, band and celebrant need to be arranged.  Source your music and entertainment, order your cake and send out invites-carefully collecting and monitoring the rsvp’s. Then the fun part- select your bridal party and shop for wedding dress! Make sure your wedding scheme and colors match up with the style of venue and bridesmaid’s dresses.  Finalize your reception and ceremony plans, creating a running sheet to hand out to necessary parties on the day.

Next, the important part- you! Make sure you are buffed, primed and preened by getting a mani/pedi, facial, massage..the works! The lead up to your big day should be enjoyable, stay hydrated and well rested in the lead up to the wedding and get ready to flash those pearly whites!